Beware of Queen of Celebrity Psychics – Sylvia Browne

According to Sylvia Browne’s website, she’s a spiritual teacher and psychic. People can join her inner circle for $49.95/year and buy her books, jewelry, newsletter and other items. Currently, her fee for a reading that lasts for a maximum of 1/2 hour has a sale price of $795 instead of $850. There’s one free …

Christina Aguilera Nudes

Christina Aguilera Sexy Leaked Photos and Other Celebrities

Some leaked photos of the pop-culture sensation are the result of a hacker gaining access to Christina’s private photo collection. What else is happening?

Multiple reports state that racy, candid and completely sexy photos of Christina Aguilera surfaced today after a hacker allegedly hijacked the star’s stylist’s computer. These photos were taken earlier in