Christina Aguilera Sexy Leaked Photos and Other Celebrities

Some leaked photos of the pop-culture sensation are the result of a hacker gaining access to Christina’s private photo collection. What else is happening?

Multiple reports state that racy, candid and completely sexy photos of Christina Aguilera surfaced today after a hacker allegedly hijacked the star’s stylist’s computer. These photos were taken earlier in 2010, during the video release of “Not Myself Tonight,” and depict Christina Aguilera in a wide range of sexy poses, wearing close to nothing in several of the shots. One shot in particular shows Christina Aguilera caressing her chest seductively in only what can be described as medieval bondage.

Christina and her publicists immediately addressed the issue late in the afternoon on December 8, 2010, confirming that the photographs are in fact Aguilera and that they were illegally leaked by a computer hacker.

Her representative stated, “The photos were taken in the privacy of Ms. Aguilera’s home and were used only in a personal exchange between the star and her stylist.” The statement released by Xtina and her rep also mentioned that they are vigorously investigating the issue and plan to aggressively pursue the hacker to the fullest extent.

Christina Aguillera Leaked

Kelsey Grammer

Former title star of Fraser, Kelsey Grammer told Star Magazine in a recent interview that his soon-to-be ex-wife is threatening to blackmail him with a sex tape. The star says he and the former star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills made a pornographic video of their escapades earlier before she became estranged. Grammer claims that Camille is threatening to leak the video unless he forks over large amounts of money during their divorce settlement.

Jennifer Lopez

Ojai Noa, J.Lo‘s ex, had a representative release information claiming to possess over 20 hours of pornographic video featuring the famous judge of American Idol. Details of the video include J.Lo flashing her genitals in public places among a variety of other sex acts. Jennifer Lopez has successfully blocked more than one sex tape featuring her involved in explicit acts.

Ashton Kutcher is fighting Vivid Entertainment and threatening a lawsuit over using his name to promote a sex tape in which he doesn’t even appear. This comes after being accused of having an affair with young star, Brittney Jones. Although Vivid Entertainment doesn’t seem daunted by the actor’s threats, Ashton is serious about protecting his name and stopping the movie from being promoted under his name. Brittney Jones is also suing over the sex tape.

What kind of celebrity sex tapes lie for us in the future? Any more leaked celebrity naughty photos due before the end of 2010? Only time will tell, and with the current ones circulating this is sure to become one busy holiday for fan boys and girls all over the globe.

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