Jaime Pressly Ends Relationship With Fiance: Another Celebrity Couple Cancels Engagement Calls it Quits

Jaime Pressly recently called off her engagement to long-time fiancé Eric Cubiche. The pair got engaged in October 2006 after 9 years of friendship and seven months later Pressly gave birth to son Dezi James.

The couple said they had no plans to set a date and on November 5, 2008, Pressly confirmed the couple was “taking a break”. “We are taking a break from our relationship but we are together every day with Dezi and still love each other very much,” Pressley told Access Hollywood.

Pressley and Cubiche are the most recent engaged celebrity couple to call off the wedding after quite a lengthy engagement period.

According to Emily Post’s Wedding Planner by Peggy Post, 14 months is the average length of an engagement. However, several celebrity couples have gone quite a few months past that mark only to call things off in the end.

Nicolette Sheridan

Desperate Housewives star Nicolette Sheridan and crooner Michael Bolton first dated in the early ‘90s. Sheridan told People magazine in 1994 she hoped to have the ultimate relationship with Bolton but their flame fizzled out after five years together. Almost a decade later, the duo started dating again and at a post-Oscar party in March 2006, Sheridan and Bolton confirmed they had gotten engaged.

No wedding date was ever set and after 29 months of engagement, the couple called it off and broke up in August 2008.

Jaime Pressly Single

Kanye West

Rapper Kanye West and fashion designer Alexis Phifer had a very low-key relationship. They weren’t photographed very often and kept their engagement very private. Phifer and West started dating in 2002 and got engaged in August of 2006 on the island of Capri.

In November 2007, West’s mother died after complications following plastic surgery. He also had to prepare for his upcoming tour, Glow in the Dark and his relationship took a back burner. After the break up, a West friend told People magazine, “I haven’t seen [Alexis] around at all the last few times I’ve seen him recently.” After 20 months of engagement, West called it off.

kanye west


Perhaps one of the most famous celebrity engagements in recent history, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez met on the set of their box-office bomb Gigli in 2002. In November of that same year, Lopez confirmed the couple’s engagement to Diane Sawyer and showed off the now legendary 6.1 carat pink diamond solitaire engagement ring.

Their relationship then became a three-ring circus. The duo graced the cover of every magazine and everything about them and their daily lives was scrutinized. The media pounced on Lopez every time she was seen without her ring and the adoring public couldn’t get enough of the couple. The media even coined the first name-merging celebrity couple term; Bennifer.

The couple was supposed to be married in 2003, but “postponed” that wedding one month after Gigli hit the box office. A few months later their 15-month engagement was over.

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