Trace Cyrus and Metro Station Break Up: Band Breaks Up and Miley Cyrus’ Brother Moves On

The American pop rock scene has been shaken as Miley Cyrus’ brother Trace Cyrus has apparently kicked the members of his band, Metro Station, out. There were questions about the future of the band after they cancelled an event that was supposed to take place at Towson University.

Martin Johnson from the band Boys Like Girls called into the Ralphie Radio Show on 97 BHT in Wilkes Barre, PA and confirmed that Metro Station had officially broken up. The full interview is available online.

Metro Station Break Up

Metro Station began because of a mutual connection in the television show Hannah Montana. Trace Cyrus is the older brother of Miley Cyrus, the show’s star. Co-frontman Mason Musso is the older brother of Mitchel Musso, who played Oliver Oken in the show. The co-frontment were introduced to each other by their mothers. Anthony Improgo and Blake Healy were the other members of the band, which started in 2006.

The band’s Web site does not have any information about the apparent break-up, but there has not been any new news posted since the middle of February.

trace cyrus

Trace Cyrus Metro Station

The group released two EPs, one in 2006 called The Questions We Ask At Night and one in 2009 called Kelsey. They also were on the sountrack for the movie Almost Alice, which released in 2010. The song is called “Where’s My Angel?”

Metro Station Pop

Trace Cyrus still lists Metro Station as his current band on his Twitter page. In a recent tweet though, he comments, “Next week [I] will post one of my new songs online from my new project. [I’m] excited for the world to hear.” Cyrus seems to be moving right along, as he also says that his newest single from his newest project will be released by the end of March.

Metro Station was best known for their song “Shake It” and also had a follow-up single called “Seventeen Forever.”

Meanwhile, Boys Like Girls, which recorded under the same label, seems to be doing much better. According to the interview on the Ralphie Radio Show, The band recently performed on the new George Lopez late night show called “Lopez Tonight.” They also appeared on the Teen Choice Awards and they are preparing for another tour. The tour, called “The Bamboozle Road Show” will feature other bands like Good Charlotte and Third Eye Blind.

Miley Cyrus has continued her successful career. Her recent single, “Party in the USA” reached number two on the Billboard top 100. She has vowed to switch her career to acting permanently though, after her next album.

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