philip defranco

Definitely not for kids, Sxephil uses heavy sarcasm and bad language, shows pictures of scantily-clad woman and generally says whatever is on his mind.

The Man Behind the Videos

Philip DeFranco was a junior in college at East Carolina University when he filmed his first video and uploaded it to YouTube, not even imagining the popularity he would amass in just a few short months. He is an advocate of PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) research, having the disease himself, and frequently contributes to related charities.

DeFranco, 23, has over 718,000 subscribers to his channel with more that 25 million channel views. His sarcastic commentary on the daily news and events makes him fun to watch and his knowledge of the latest video games and movies prompted him to start a new channel, LikeTotallyAwesome, which already has 80,000 subscribers.

Video Features

Most of the Phil’s videos are accompanied by a Question of the Day, wherein he asks his audience random questions, such as, “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” Sometimes his questions are more serious, relating to news or spectacular events that occurred recently, such as a how severe a punishment should be for murderers.

Douche-Bag of the Day always features someone who has done something idiotic or, as Phil calls it, “Douche-tastic.” Most DBOTD are normal people, non-celebrities who have achieved fame through an act of stupidity, such as being decapitated at a Disney theme park, or robbing their boyfriend and then bragging about it on the internet.

BAMFs, or Bad-Ass Mother-F*****, are people who have done something to merit Phil’s respect, whether it be from stopping a robbery in a cool way or standing up to someone in a public venue. In October, Phil talked about a man in wheelchair who tackled another man who had molested an underage girl. This wheelchair-bound man became a BAMF.

More Phil to Watch

At PhillyD.TV, you can see his YouTube videos, with some written commentary, along with a few special features, such as the Super Fantastic Awesome Video, UR Doing it Wrong, and WTF! Most of these are things Phil finds funny, crazy or just plain Super-Fantastic! If you love watching people falling, crashing or just randomly hurting themselves and other people, this is a website you should visit.

With his undeniable charm and self-effacing humor, Phil is a great example of how internet fame is achieved. All you need is a camera and a concise way of presenting your views on how messed up the world can be. After all, Phil’s show is, “not really a show, just me talking to a camera for 3 to 4 minutes…yeah.”